Free Crochet Patterns

It only took me about 2 years but I have finally listed all of my Free Crochet Patterns on the website! You can find them on the Crochet Patterns page. They are below my paid patterns. 

My first crochet pattern was released way back in December 2012. It is a 2T Crochet Tunic. This was back when all I did was crochet, years before I started my sewing addiction. 


My most popular free crochet pattern (and also my favorite) is the Steady Hand Beanie. This hat comes in 4 sizes from baby to adult large. It is easy and quick to work up. My favorite thing about it is the texture and design. It doesn't look like your normal beanie. 

The last crochet pattern I created is the Extra Long Fringed Lace Scarf in 2013. I remember making this scarf because I saw something similar in a movie and I had to have it. 

It has been so long since I have created a new crochet pattern. I am still crocheting just not designing. I mainly crochet hats and only when I am waiting in the car or watching movies. I always need to keep my hands busy!

If you happen to download any of my patterns (free or paid) I would love to see what you make! You can leave a review and add a picture of your finished project. 

What is your favorite type of item to crochet, sew, knit or make? 

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