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On our YouTube channel we share How-To Tutorials and all of our amazing products. Subscribing to our channel and setting up notifications is the best way to not miss out on our latest videos. Let me show you how. 

Click this link to go directly to our channel: The Steady Hand YouTube Channel

In the upper right-hand corner, you will see a red Subscribe button. Click on it to subscribe to our channel. If you are already subscribed it will be gray and subscribed like in the picture below. You must have a valid YouTube account and be logged in to subscribe. 

Once you have subscribed, view our Playlists to see the different content we offer. For this segment, I will choose How To Assemble Cube Inserts. 

The How to Assemble Cube Inserts Playlist will show you all the videos under this category. If you would like to receive notifications when we post new videos click on the bell to choose personalized or all notifications. 

All notifications - You'll get notifications for all uploads and live streams. Personalized notifications - You'll get notifications for some uploads, shorts, and live streams.  For example if you select personal notifications on our How To videos, you will be notified every time we upload a tutorial so you won't miss it. 

You can leave comments below the YouTube video. 

Just simply type your comment in, and click on the blue Comment button on the right to save it. We will do our best to answer and respond to any questions or comments in a timely manner.

That is how you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel to view our tutorials, special announcements, events and our items. Please stop by our channel, like our videos, subscribe with notifications and leave us a comment - tell us what you think! 

All of our handmade items are made in a smoke free environment. Our home is dog friendly but our little one does not come in contact with any of our handmade items or supplies. Thank you for supporting our small business. 
For any questions or more info please feel free to email me at

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