About Us


I started The Steady Hand brand in 2011 the same year that I quit working to spend more time with my daughter who was 3 years old at the time. While she slept I started blogging and selling my handmade crochet accessories on Etsy.

When my daughter started school in 2013 I had more time to build my brand. I focused more on my blog, social media accounts and started designing and selling crochet patterns.

Sewing is in my blood and the passion for it was handed down to me from my mother and her mother before her. In 2014 I decided to start designing and sewing items for my shop but keeping them within my brand outline by making accessories for fiber crafters like myself.

2015 was the year it all just fell together for me. I finally had a clear plan on what I wanted to achieve and what I wanted my brand to become. All I had to do was make it work and that is what I am still doing every day.