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We have many videos posted to our YouTube and Instagram Reels on putting our inserts together. If you haven't yet please go check them out! 

Youtube: The Steady Hand

Instagram: @thesteadyhand 

Our 16 cubby and 25 cubby may fit together a little firmer due to more pieces. This may be a little difficult for you, if you have to take them apart. 

In the video below, I used a rubber mallet, any kitchen towel, rubber band and (clean) garden gloves. I take them apart on a flat surface as you can see I angle the inserts so the shelves can come out. 

As you can see, I wrapped the towel and used a rubber band to hold it in place around the rubber mallet. Remember to gently hit the shelves as they will move and shift for you. 

We hope you enjoyed the video! 

 All of our products are made in a smoke free environment. The home is dog friendly but he does not come in contact with any of the handmade items or supplies.

We know you can choose from any shop to purchase from, and we thank you for choosing us. Thank you for supporting small businesses. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at
Thank you for your support. 


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