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make your craft room pinterest-worthy in 7 easy steps

Scrolling through Pinterest is like walking through a store where you want to buy everything! It is Target and Costco put together but for ideas and inspiration. I am always scrolling through Pinterest looking for new ways to organize or decorate my craft room. I cannot wrap my head around the hundreds of craft rooms I see pictured on there. They are organized and so clean! My craft room looks like someone started twenty different projects and then just left the room. I like to tell myself that the picture I see is not what that room looks like all the time but just for that second that the photo was taken.

Can you or I have our craft room look that good? Of course, we can! Will it stay that way? Heck, no! A beautiful and functional craft room is meant to be used. Read on for my 7 tips and tricks on how to make your craft room Pinterest-worthy.

1. Find out what you have and what you need

boxes in a room

This is a picture of everything in my craft room packed up after we moved. This is after I went through and got rid of everything I no longer needed.

This is the worst step. I just recently did this when we moved last month, and it was terrible. I put it off for as long as possible but when I finally got around to it, it was so worth it. This is where you take out everything you have from every drawer, cabinet, and storage bin. You then go through everything you have and put aside everything you need. Yes, you are going to get rid of everything you do not need. This step is crucial because what all those craft rooms on Pinterest have in common is everything is organized and has a place. Like I said before, this is the worst step. This also may be the step where you decide if you will ever go back to cross-stitching or dyeing yarn or dabbling with polymer clay. My one constant craft is sewing. I had to make the hard decision to cut everything else out (except for crochet and jewelry making because I need options). This allowed me to get rid of supplies that I had been storing for years and would never use. As a result of this purge, I finally have some breathing room in my craft room. There was space where there was not space before. We are getting closer to a Pinterest-worthy craft room because they have a lot of empty space.

2. Design your room

sketch up design of a craft room

My husband used Sketch Up to draw a design for my craft room. The image above was our idea but not the final design.

Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and get to work! You can also use design software or a photo editor for this step. Draw out your space including any windows, doors, or corners. Do not, I repeat, do not look at Pinterest for this step. The layout and design of your room or space needs to be centered around you. The craft rooms on Pinterest are designed for their owners and just happen to look amazing. We will get there but you must trust the process. Here are a couple of things to think about when designing your room:

A. Think about the flow of the room. If your craft includes multiple steps, will you need separate stations or areas to complete each step?

B. Utilize what you have. Include any furniture that you have or anything that is attached to walls like cabinets or shelving.

3. Set up your room

craft room design

I used White Base Cabinets from Lowe’s for my workstations and tables.

Make your design come to life. Move the furniture where you need it. Set up your tables or shelves. It is starting to get fun now, right? The one type of furniture I see used in many craft rooms on Pinterest is cubby storage. There are a lot of brands out there like IKEA, Threshold, Better Homes and Gardens and Closetmaid. They are the shelving units made of squares or cubbies. They are great for storing and organizing. My favorite is the IKEA Kallax.

4. Put stuff away

boxes of fabric stored under a table

My plan was to put all this extra fabric in this workstation, so I set it underneath it.

Take everything that you took out and put it back based on your design. Yes, everything will still be cluttered and not organized. Don’t worry we will tackle that in the next step. Make sure that everything is laid out in the area that you set up based on your flow or workstations.

5. Organize

organized fabric in cube shelving

Now that everything is in the area that it needs to be we will start organizing. Look at the furniture or space you are working with and then look at what supplies need to be stored there. How can you utilize that space in the best way? This is when you can turn to Pinterest or just do a Google search for ideas. For example, if you are wondering how to organize your fabric you can watch this video: How I Organize My Fabric. Yes, that is me. The way I organize my fabric allows me to view all of it, so I know what I have at a glance, and it was very inexpensive.

Pegboard is a fantastic way to organize and store a multitude of supplies. It is also inexpensive and can be mounted on the wall, in a drawer, on a cabinet door or even on the side of furniture. Look back at all your Pinterest saves and channel your inner DIYer.

wall control pegboard in a craft room

Wall Control pegboards are our favorite. We use them all over the house including my craft room and the workshop. They can be used vertically or horizontally. This is my affiliate link for them on Amazon: Wall Control.

Don’t have time to do it yourself? IKEA, Target and even the Dollar Store have great organizers, bins and stands. If you have cube shelving like Kallax from IKEA, Closetmaid or Thresholds then you can do a search for cube storage organizer. Our products might show up in your search results for kallax inserts or cube storage inserts.

cube shelf with organizers and inserts from

The cube shelf pictured above is a 6 Cube IKEA Kallax that we made by hacking a 9 Cube Kallax. IKEA does not make a 6 Cube and it just so happened that a 6 Cube would make the perfect height for my sewing table. All of the inserts are available on our website,

6. Decorate

quilt hanging on wall of craft room

Now that everything has a place it is time for my favorite step. Since we are crafters decorating our rooms is easy! I have quilts hanging on the wall and pictures of my family. My daughter decorates her crafting area with her drawings and paintings. I have seen Disney themed all the way to rainbow-inspired craft rooms. Do whatever makes you happy.

7. The MOST crucial step and the EASIEST – Take Pictures

custom made sewing table using cube shelving

Your room is done, and it is clean. Take a million pictures of your organized and clean space. It will never look this good again.

Don’t forget to share your pictures on Pinterest and Instagram. Please tag me @TheSteadyHand so I can see your amazing rooms and spaces! Sign up for The Steady Hand Newsletter for more tips and tricks on how to organize your space.

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