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When purchasing one of our Cube or Kitchen Inserts we want to make sure that you pick the correct size. We have preset sizes for some of the most well known brands of cube shelving. There may be times when you don't remember what brand of cube shelving you own or if you have shelving that you made yourself or purchased from a friend. We welcome custom sizing requests for most of our Cube Inserts. To help you make sure you get the correct size insert we have put together this post on how to read a measuring tape. 

To get the best fitting insert we recommend measuring your cube shelves or cabinets. When measuring please make sure to take into account any lips, moulding or trim. All of our inserts are meant to be assembled first then slide into your space. Because of this, if the opening height or width of your cube shelf or cabinet is smaller than the interior we will need the smaller measurement. 

On Custom Orders, the depth of your insert is based on your preference. The depth of your insert can always be less than the actual depth of your shelf or cabinet. If you want to store markers or wine bottles we recommend having your insert depth match the length of whatever you plan to store in it. 

yellow tape measure

A lot of tape measures look like the image on the left with no additional marking other than each inch. 


yellow tape measure with fractions

Some of the new tape measures look like the image on the right and have added fractions to the primary lines.


Whether a tape measure or ruler, there are 15 lines between every inch. If you start with the first mark and continue counting you would have 1/16 – 15/16. Fractions are made up of a numerator (1st or top number) and a denominator (2nd or bottom number).

The count of the lines would be as shown below. All even numerators can be simplified. All odd numerators are in their simplest form.

inches with fractions


2/16 - this can be reduced to 1/8”


4/16 - this can be reduced to 1/4”


6/16 - this can be reduced to 3/8”


8/16 - this can be reduced to 1/2”


10/16 - this can be reduced to 5/8”


12/16 - this can be reduced to 3/4”


14/16 - this can be reduced to 7/8”


16/16 - this can be reduced to 1”

I hope this information helps you purchase the correct size insert for your space and/or provide us with your dimensions to make a Custom Insert. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

We are so grateful for the pleasure of serving you and hope we met your expectations. Thank you for your support. 
We at The Steady Hand Shop truly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again.


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