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Make Your Craft Room Pinterest-Worthy in 7 Easy Steps

make your craft room pinterest worthy in 7 easy steps
Scrolling through Pinterest is like walking through a store where you want to buy everything! It is Target and Costco put together but for ideas and inspiration. I love to scroll through Pinterest looking for new ways to organize my craft room. Read on for my 7 tips on how to make your craft room Pinterest-worthy.

Good Deals for Cubby Inserts

bunch of plastic bins, organizers and shelf liner
Now that you have purchased our inserts or are planning to, I wanted to share with you some great deals I found on containers that fit perfectly in our inserts. I went shopping at Dollar Tree, Five Below and Target.

How to Paint Your Insert

pencils in a rainbow of colors organized in cubbies
Following these instructions will give you the best results. Some customers have finished their inserts by covering them with contact paper or wall paper which has great results too. Please note that we are not responsible for any alterations made by the customer.

Reading a Tape Measure

hand holding a bunch of yellow tape measures
When purchasing one of our Cube or Kitchen Inserts we want to make sure that you pick the correct size. We have preset sizes for some of the most well known brands of cube shelving. There may be times when you don't remember what brand of cube shelving you own or if you have shelving that you made yourself or purchased from a friend. We welcome custom sizing requests for most of our Cube Inserts. To help you make sure you get the correct size insert we have put together this post on how to read a measuring tape.